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On Wednesday we were researching biographies. If you don’t know what they are I’ll tell you just in case you want to know. You get two different types of biographies, and they are auto-biographies and biographies. Auto-biographies are when e.g.: David Beckham writes a diary/book about himself and publishes it. A biography is when someone else writes a story about another person. Now you know what biographies mean.

Have you ever read a auto/biography

typed by Tyler =)

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Art Week

Before half term we had an arts week. We created books and put things that we liked. We also put pictures in it of when we were babies and young children. We had great fun creating envelopes and putting wishes and dreams inside. On the Tuesday we went around the school doing three different activities. Then we made a little pocket to put them in.



By Liberty Upfield

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My poem

In class we are doing poems and this is mine.
Alice is…

As funny as a circus clown
As determined as a Leopard
As crazy as a boiled cake Topped with bark and sand
Alice is as smart as a calculator
Fancy like Ms Penfold’s shoes
As trusting as Big Ben
As daring as a super hero going in his villains lair
Alice is as cunning as a cat stalking its kill

Alice is priceless.


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Alex is…

Alex  is …


The most valuable ruby in the World           

As clever as Einstein

Sparkly- like Ms Penfold’s bracelet

As friendly as all your friends put together

 Beautiful like a pearl

Elegant like a swan gliding across the water

Just as fast as Usain Bolt

As funky as Ms Penfold’s new shoes

Calm like the ocean on a summers day

Skinny as a cheese string

As exciting as Christmas Day

Colourful as a rainbow on a spring day

As fizzy as lemonade

Hot like the Sun.

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At dance club we did a show on Wednesday13 march.

It was great!!!!!!

This is the daces that I did:

  • Street dance
  •  Flash mob
  • Line dance
  • Disco

I loved it!!!!!

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Study Ladder

Hi Everyone

Have you been on study ladder? It helps you with any subject!

By Joe M

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School Football Team

logonewOn the 20th of March, North Petherton Primary school played Saint Mary’s school and we won 4-2 and I was in goal!  It was such an exciting game to be part of.

Do you play in a team?

By Joe.M

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Fabulous dance show


Last night we did our dance show infront of all the parents. It was brilliant! We all enjoyed it and we all gave it our best. The dances I was in were: Street dance, Salsa, Disco, Flashmob, Line dance, Charleston and the Hand jive. My brother kept pulling funny faces at me in the flashmob and hand jive trying to make me laugh! It worked as well! At the end of every dance my best friend Fi and I had to run back into the classroom to get changed as we were in the dance after the one which was going on. It was one of the best nighs of my life!

Do you have a dance club at school or outside school?



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In class we read a book called Holes. It was great!

It was about a boy named Stanley Yelnats. He stole a pear of shose and got punished by diging a big hole in the hot sun each day for 18 years. Wth his friend he runs away and trys to clime a mountain called God’s Thumb.

Do they get to the get to the top?

What book are you reading in school currently?

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For topic class SP are learning about fairtrade. We have been doing activities and rotations and have had lots of fun! We are learning about how the farmers get paid a fair price for their crops and all the things they grow.

Here are some of the products that are FAIRTRADE:










Can you think of any other Fair trade products?

By Liberty U

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