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Fabulous dance show

Posted by on April 4, 2013


Last night we did our dance show infront of all the parents. It was brilliant! We all enjoyed it and we all gave it our best. The dances I was in were: Street dance, Salsa, Disco, Flashmob, Line dance, Charleston and the Hand jive. My brother kept pulling funny faces at me in the flashmob and hand jive trying to make me laugh! It worked as well! At the end of every dance my best friend Fi and I had to run back into the classroom to get changed as we were in the dance after the one which was going on. It was one of the best nighs of my life!

Do you have a dance club at school or outside school?



One Response to Fabulous dance show

  1. Lucy parkfield

    Wow! That must of been great fun i bet your brothers faces had to of been very funny to make you laugh.

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