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My poem

Posted by on April 24, 2013

In class we are doing poems and this is mine.
Alice is…

As funny as a circus clown
As determined as a Leopard
As crazy as a boiled cake Topped with bark and sand
Alice is as smart as a calculator
Fancy like Ms Penfold’s shoes
As trusting as Big Ben
As daring as a super hero going in his villains lair
Alice is as cunning as a cat stalking its kill

Alice is priceless.


3 Responses to My poem

  1. Mr G

    Clever alliteration and similes, Alice….although the cunning line was a bit scary for me 🙂
    What would you change if you could improve ONE thing?

    Mr G – Thurlbear School

  2. mr_stepney

    WOW ALice that was AMazing .

  3. mr_stepney

    sounds like alice is amazing
    well done ex poem

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